Founded in 1970 , Natura House was the first "100% Made in Italy" in the natural field and the pioneer of the modern herbalist in our country.

NATURA HOUSE combines ancient herbalist traditions and new scientific frontiers to create natural, healthy, innovative, safe to use and effective results food supplements and cosmetics.

In every product we create there is a logic, linked to Wisdom and Knowledge. Try them and you will understand the real difference.

Pioneers in Italy

It all began in 1970 , when spouses Ugo Spialtini and Enrica Antonini took over the Italian branch of Biokosma Switzerland.

From the very first steps the company specialized in the production of truly natural COSMETICS which were offered for the first time in that fantastic world of herbalists which until then had exclusively specialized in the use of herbs . The Spialtinis' reasoning was simple and linear: " We make herbal cosmetics and they sell herbs" .

In a young, emerging channel dedicated to the pure sale of ' herbs ', Natura House has thus brought the culture of Natural Cosmetics , overcoming the reticence of a still immature market . Thus was born Modern herbalist's shop .

Macrobiotic nutrition

The skin is an organ and its well-being and therefore its beauty also depends on how it is nourished . This is why at the end of the Seventies it was natural for the Spialtini family to open new production departments dedicated to food products with particular characteristics of Genuineness and Naturalness, anticipating the concepts that would lead to the birth of Organic Products .


With the KART® brand , once again a pioneer on the Italian market , Natura House produces phytotherapeutic products and mother tinctures , at the time still considered unmarketable for legislative reasons: after numerous requests and hearings in courtrooms in the most disparate and pleasant locations all over the world the Boot, manages to open the doors in Italy to what will become the product sector for fans of Naturally Based Alternative Therapies, i.e. Homeopathy .

Herbal medicines and food supplements

Products were offered for the natural well-being of the skin and the transition to PHYTOTHERAPIES and FOOD SUPPLEMENTS, which occurred in the mid-70s , was a predictable success .

At the end of the 70s the link with the Swiss company was definitively abandoned and Natura House continued its growth both in Italy and abroad where, through
distributors manage to distribute their products in over 50 countries .

At the end of the 80s some members of the second generation of the family began to take their first steps in the company. The expansion is exponential .

Ancient tradition and modern research

Natura House continues to specialize in " Research & Development " and in the production of innovative natural cosmetics and food supplements, whose high technology, quality and naturalness are now recognized on all continents : ancient tradition and modern research which have ensured that Made in Italy also excelled in the Natural Sector and Natura House is the purest example of this.


With the growth of problems related to the environment, the world of "natural " from a niche becomes a common topic for everyone. Many companies are starting to talk about "natural" at different levels.
Few, like us, maintain the spirit of the origins of pure and raw natural without many compromises.

It is a more complicated product that requires experience that not everyone has , so much so that our Research Center and Production are starting to create formulas and products also on behalf of third parties for those looking for a truly natural product.

The company obtains all the certifications necessary to compete in all markets, among which we remember the three main ones ( ISO 9001 – ISO 22716 – ISO 22000 ) as well as the certification from the Suolo & Salute body for the production of COSMETICS and ORGANIC SUPPLEMENTS which, accompanied over 50 years of experience in this field have made us a reliable partner throughout the world.

We don't just have Nature in our name, but it is our Heart

Since the second decade of the new millennium, the third generation has also taken its first steps in the company and since 2019 the company has been totally led by the second generation.

From the first steps in 1970 to the present day nothing has changed in the philosophy that guides us in creating new formulas and new products . Unlike in the early days, however, now we can enrich the naturalness of our products by packaging them in Green containers obtained from sugar cane or from recycled and always recyclable materials, we produce using energy from renewable sources and we reduce all kinds of waste both in packaging and in every business activity.