White Perfection

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Beauty without blemishes
Effective progressive lightening action - regenerates luminosity

The problem. Dull skin and brown spots:
Tanning, hormonal changes (pregnancy, oral contraceptives, menopause, ..) and age often cause dark spots on the face, neck and back of the hands , which threaten the beauty of an even complexion.
Radiance is a fundamental requirement for facial beauty, clear and luminous skin looks more vital and younger. Often, however, the complexion appears gray and dull due to the oxidizing action of free radicals, smoke, smog, impurities and dead cells found on the skin.

From the research of Natura House Laboratories, White Perfection is the line of cosmetic treatments with a highly performing and sensitive lightening action. Thanks to the natural composition, perfectly dermoaffine, it acts delicately in correcting irregular pigmentation of the skin and regenerating its luminosity.

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