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Cucciolo Mamy BIONatural is the right answer to every Cosmetic and Food Supplement need, dedicated to future new mothers, from when they discover they are expecting until the months after giving birth.
During pregnancy it is important to pay attention to the products used to still be beautiful and healthy without risks, for yourself and for the baby: this is how Cucciolo Mamy was born with specific active ingredients, expertly mixed, to guarantee the maximum supply of nourishment with Certified Raw Materials Biological.
It takes care of the body subjected to stress by protecting and treating it correctly and ensuring the rapid restoration of perfect physical shape after childbirth, with particular attention to the mother who is breastfeeding.

Cucciolo Baby BIONatural is the special line of Cosmetics and Food Supplements products, created for our children, capable of taking care of your baby from the first days, with Certified Organic Raw Materials, in complete safety!
Each raw material has been selected to be suitable for the high quality standard required by the Natura House Research Laboratories, which also collaborated with dermatologists and paediatricians. It can truly be said that here Nature and Science team up to protect your baby's health.
Cucciolo products offer modern, fresh and dermatologically tested formulas, rich in plant extracts, oils and vegetable butters. We offer you the best that Nature can offer.

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