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Antibacterial sanitizers. Safe Hygiene - Immediate Purity
Dermatologically tested. Even for the most delicate skin and with dermatological problems.

Outside, in the office, on public transport, in shops, we come into contact with hundreds of people, with germs and bacteria. The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates careful hand washing as a timely factor against contagion.
A sanitizing and purifying product is essential and must always be carried with you.

Natura House R&D Laboratories developed Purify Line many years ago due to the 2009 avian flu. In 2020 with COVID-19 we improved the line with more items to meet all customer needs:

PURIFY hand washing GEL and PURIFY SPRAY (no gas) for hands and commonly used objects intended to come into contact with the skin such as masks, keyboards, glasses or cell phones;

without rinsing, with immediate action (in a few seconds the skin is effectively cleansed and deodorised) thanks to the Natural Antibacterial Essential Oils and 70% Alcohol.
Rapidly absorbed , they are not greasy and do not dry the skin which remains soft and hydrated, they refresh and leave a prolonged feeling of cleanliness thanks to Aloe Vera, Mallow, Vitamin F and Vegetable Glycerin.

PURIFY sanitizing LIQUID SOAP with Natural Antibacterial and Chlorhexidine. Gentle on the skin. Also suitable for children. Ideal for frequent washing.



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