Idratante 24h

Collection: Moisturizer 24h

24 hours of pure Hydration and Protection
Provides trace elements and nutrients that are fundamental for skin health.
It hinders the lack of water in the tissues by strengthening the hydrolipidic film.
Maintains the correct level of hydration.

From the result of the dermocosmetic research of the Natura House Laboratories, an innovative line of hydrating and protective treatments for the skin of the face and neck.
The skin is kept hydrated, nourished, fresh and shiny throughout the day, stimulating its elasticity and tone and increasing resistance to external aggressions.

It retains and fixes water molecules in the deepest layer of the skin thanks to the action of biotechnological Ceramides and Polysaccharides of plant origin , which stimulate the synthesis of the connective proteins of the skin barrier.
With trace elements (Magnesium and Zinc) with a regenerating and tonic action, for the vital function of the skin and new generation emulsifiers.

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