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The foot specialist for over 50 years.

Complete line of specialized products dedicated to the health and well-being of feet, ankles and calves.

Sense of relief, lightness and vitality starting from correct cleansing, good perspiration and the right level of hydration of the skin, and eliminating dead cells, combating mycosis, oily or too dry skin, excessive sweating, fluid retention and swelling and offering relief to the 'diabetic foot'.

Feet are the solid foundation that support us every day and are the part of the body that works the hardest. Let's take care of it for general well-being: a healthy foot, in fact, despite often less than ideal footwear, guarantees greater psychophysical well-being .

The action of Essential Oils and Natural Waxes, in the specificity of each product, allows you to have healthy, soft, elastic and resistant skin.

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