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Ecological Pampering for the Body
Cleansing base without preservatives, high concentration of active ingredients, maximum purity of essential oils.

Ideal for all those who want to take a refreshing shower for both body and mind.
The fragrances are exclusively obtained with Pure Essential Oils that will give not only your body, but also your mind, extraordinary and lasting benefits .

It is a range which, due to its delicacy and safe formulation, can be used in daily use by the whole family on all skin types: Surfactants from Vegetable Oils, 100% Pure Essential Oils and Vegetable Extracts.

EcoDoccia is the line that, in addition to taking care of the skin, is attentive to environmental protection aspects.
This line, in addition to having all the usual advantages of effectiveness and naturalness of our products, represents the beginning of the company's ecological challenge.
Without a case , which normally goes to waste as soon as it arrives home, and with a bottle made of vegetable plastic obtained from sugar cane and not from oil.


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