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For hair health, against hair loss.

A special line of products formulated for hair health, which exploits the effective synergy of Royal Jelly, Boswellia and Ximenia, in association with provitamin B5 (Panthenol), to restructure and strengthen the hair at the root, promoting its vitality and counteracting its excessive or preventive fall.

Dedicated to all those who experience excessive hair loss and want to prevent thin areas from becoming permanent or turning into alopecia.
The causes of this problem can be multiple: endocrine problems, lack of balance of the nervous system, nutritional deficiencies, infections, stress, nervous disorders, dermatoses, bacterial folliculitis, hereditary diseases.
As well as excessive hair washing, sweating and tiredness after intense physical activity, chlorine in swimming pools.

Specialized line that covers hair health at 360 degrees thanks also to the concentrated vials with specific stimulating action on the scalp and the food supplement in capsules.



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