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Well-being and Beauty from the Beehive .

All the natural nourishing, emollient, protective and energizing richness of Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis enclosed in a line of products formulated for the Health and Beauty of skin and hair and the Well-being of the body.

The Cosmetics line is ideal for Skin and Hair when their hydrolipidic film, the skin's natural moisturizing factor and the skin barrier are reduced. When air, sun, frequent and aggressive washing have created dryness and dehydration with chapping, lack of brightness and dryness.

Food Supplements are dedicated to all those who wish to Protect and Strengthen their body. In this regard, we remember that Propolis has been known since ancient times for its characteristics as a Natural Antibiotic.

The Honey used is obtained with traditional methods, of organic high mountain origin, 100% made in Italy, selected for its special characteristic and effectiveness.

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