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Everything for the future and new mother.

Cucciolo Mamy  is the right answer to every cosmetic and food supplement need, during the most beautiful period for a woman. Let yourself be pampered by these specialties!

Dedicated to future new mothers from when they discover they are expecting until the months after giving birth.

It takes care of skin subjected to stress by protecting and treating it correctly and ensuring the rapid restoration of perfect physical shape after giving birth, with particular attention to the mother who is breastfeeding.

Specific active ingredients, expertly mixed, to guarantee the maximum supply of nourishment with Certified Organic Raw Materials: giving birth to a baby does not mean forgetting your own beauty and taking care of your body.

During pregnancy it is important to pay attention to the products used to still be beautiful and healthy without risks, neither for yourself nor for the baby.
This is why there is Cucciolo Mamy, the right products line for 9 months and more.

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