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New generation of Probiotic Lactic Ferments in Live and Active Spores for the defense of the whole family : they help increase immune defenses and effectively rebalance the bacterial flora .
With Prebiotic, Group B Vitamins, Vitamin C from Acerola and Beta glucans. Milk free .

Alterations in the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora can derive from: stress, eating disorders, intestinal dysmicrobism caused by antibiotic and/or sulphonamide treatments and other drugs, food intolerances, malabsorption syndromes, celiac disease, gastrointestinal tract infections, selection of pathogenic bacteria.

The products normally on the market contain Ferments which must travel through the entire digestive system before reaching their destination, risking a high percentage of death. INFLOR, on the other hand, is the food that promotes the proliferation of already existing ferments and is therefore much more effective.

100% Made in Italy following the highest quality standards and subjected to strict quality controls. Notified in the Food Supplements register of the Ministry of Health .

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