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Ecological cleansing

Each type of hair will find the most suitable product to stay healthy and maintain the softest shine.
Contains NutriCare , an exclusive complex of plant origin, which protects the hair from the oxidative damage of stress, pollution and UV rays .

This line, in addition to having all the usual advantages of effectiveness and naturalness of our products, represents the beginning of the company's ecological challenge .
Without a case, which normally goes to waste as soon as it arrives home, and with a bottle made of vegetable plastic obtained from sugar cane and not from oil.

The high naturalness ( exclusively surfactants derived from pure natural oils, plant extracts and essential oils ) makes the product extremely effective on the hair and being very concentrated , a small quantity is sufficient; This aspect is also a part of the ecological nature of the line.
The cleansing base is extremely delicate , completely of plant origin and 100% biodegradable.

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