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Beauty and Tradition, respecting our body and the Earth.

The Bio Miracle Garden line is a concentrate of Natural Ingredients (with very high percentages reaching up to 100%) and represents the revenge of forgotten Active Ingredients but with notable qualities. Our R&D laboratories have refined new extraction methods in order to make them increasingly pure and concentrated.

Each product has been formulated by seeking the best active ingredients obtained from typical plants commonly found in Italian gardens and around the World which, expertly mixed, provide all their miraculous effects.

The formidable naturalness of the formulas has also allowed us to obtain the Organic Certification from Suolo & Salute, one of the oldest and most serious certifying bodies in Italy, which takes care of the substance of the ingredients.
But we didn't just stop at organic formulas.
We care about the environment and therefore all the containers used are made of vegetable plastic from sugar cane or 100% recycled plastic.

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