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Collection: Herbal Oral Care

Bright smile and healthy, white teeth.

The most advanced dental research meets the experience of herbal tradition for the safety and well-being of a healthy and protected smile with specific toothpastes and mouthwashes for the well-being and health of teeth, gums and oral cavity.
A complete line to guarantee a brilliant and protected smile, effective for providing a prompt response to problems related to the mouth such as plaque, tartar, cavities, sensitivity, delicate gums, bad breath and in the case of prostheses, dental appliances, implants.

Toothpastes suitable for diabetics, free of synthetic sweeteners and saccharin. With Xylitol from Birches, a natural non-cariogenic sweetener that helps reduce the development of cavities and plaque formation, for total mouth protection.

With specific surfactants of plant origin that are safe and compatible with the mucosa of the oral cavity.
To respect the integrity of the enamel and gums, all our toothpastes do not contain aggressive abrasive agents. Common foaming agents such as SLS/SLES have been replaced by an innovative ingredient of plant origin characterized by a high tolerability and efficacy profile.

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