PURIFY SPRAY - Safe Hygiene 70% of Alcohol - 30 ml

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Purify Spray Pocket

Safe Hygiene

for Hands, Masks, Keyboards, Glasses, Cell Phones


With Menthol, Aloe and Mallow Water


70% Alcool


No-rinse hydroalcoholic solution to be used to sanitize the hands, whenever it is not possible to wash them.


Also suitable for commonly used objects intended to come into contact with the skin such as masks, keyboards, glasses or cell phones on the manufacturer's instructions.


Do not apply on damaged skin.

Avoid contact with eyes.



Sprays 2 or 3 times on the hands or on any surfaces to be sanitized;

let evaporate until completely dry.



Alcohol, Common Mallow, Aloe Vera, Menthol

The image of the product may not correspond to the product sent due to graphic restyling. The listed ingredients can be subject to improvements due to our R&D.

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