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Complete Line Set


The Miracle Garden Bio line is a concentrate of Natural Ingredients. Each product has been formulated looking for the best ingredients normally grown in Italian gardens and around the World.

The formidable Naturalness of the formulas has also allowed us to obtain the Organic Certification of Suolo & Salute, one of the oldest and most serious Certifying Bodies in Italy, which takes care of the substance of the ingredients.


But we didn't stop only at organic formulas.

We care for the Environment and therefore all the containers used are made of Plastic from sugar cane or 100% recycled plastics.


All the Energy used for the production of these miraculous potions also comes from 100% renewable sources.


Nature for us is not a fashion but a way of Being.





  Up to 100% Natural Origin  




In the rich MIRACLE GARDEN BIO package you will find all the products of the Line, conveniently arranged inside a large and sturdy white cardboard box as a gift (which you can then reuse to store whatever you want).

All the packaging is made of recyclable ecological material.



EYE CONTOUR GEL with Revitalizing Beet Extract - 15 ml

Fresh and revitalizing gel for a look at the top! Beetroot extract helps to smooth out fine wrinkles and protects the delicate skin around the eyes.



FACE CREAM with Antioxidant Carrot Extract - 50 ml

This light cream gives the face the ideal protection from pollution and environmental stress thanks to Carrot Oil,

a powerful antioxidant that gives the skin an extraordinary sensation of softness.

Preserves the skin from the signs of aging and defends it from aggressive atmospheric agents such as wind, smog, cold and sun.



FACE MASK with Purifying Cucumber Extract - 75 ml

Very fresh gel mask, contains cucumber extract with strong purifying and soothing power, even for sensitive skin.



SHOWER EXFOLIATING SCRUB with Restoring Grape Seeds Powder - 200 ml

This cleansing scrub offers a gentle exfoliation all over the body, leaving the skin incredibly smooth, luminous, soft, thanks to the grape seed powder it contains, and deliciously scented.



BODY LOTION with Moisturizing Rosemary Extract - 200 ml

Naturally perfumed emulsion with Rosemary essential oil, with a sensory and light profile, it gives the skin a moment of pleasure thanks to Rosemary extract, Shea Butter and Olive and Almond oils which together hydrate, nourish and tone in just one step.



HAND CREAM with Nourishing Sage Extract- 50 ml

It gives the hands immediate relief from the most common external aggressions: cold, frequent washing, dehydration from detergents and disinfectants. All thanks to Sage, a strong restorative, Shea Butter, a famous nutrient and beeswax, a true protective agent.



MICELLAR WATER with Refreshing Peppermint Extract - 200 ml

Micellar water combines the cleansing properties of micellar water with the toning capacity of traditional face tonics. Peppermint extract works by calming redness, purifying and refreshing, giving immediate relief.

MIRACLE GARDEN BIO FOOT CREAM with Emollient Grape Seed Oil - 75 ml

Particularly effective Treatment against Dry and Cracked Skin of Feet and Heels.

The combined action of Rusco and Centella Extracts,

Precious Almond, Grape Seed, Jojoba Oils

And an active mix of Pure Essential Oils (Eucalyptus, Mandarin Orange, Sandalwood)

Ensures rapid Well-being, giving freshness, purity and lasting comfort for a compact and smooth Skin.



TRIAL KIT - Face Cream, Shower Exfoliating Scrub, Body Lotion

The handy cardboard container, once opened, can be reused in many ways.

For example it can be a nice desk pen holder, a resealable container for many things.

Don't throw it away, reuse it!



15 ml tube of FACE CREAM with Antioxidant Carrot Extract;

15 ml tube SHOWER EXFOLIATING SCRUB with Restoring Grape Seeds Powder;

15 ml tube BODY LOTION with Moisturizing Rosemary Extract.


The image of the product may not correspond to the product sent due to graphic restyling. The listed ingredients can be subject to improvements due to our R&D.

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