KIT APDREN Perfect Body in a Natural and Safety Way

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To restore in a Natural and Safety way the Wellbeing of the Lightness and the Pleasure of a Perfect Figure!

For those who want to eliminate liquids in excess, fight the liquid retention and improve the micro-circulation.
For whom wants to face the cellulites blemishes.

APDREN born from Apples, useful to keep a good figure and well-being. It cares totally your body with effective and specific products.


Special Price Kit “PERFECT BODY”, contains:


APDREN SLIM Drink, 200 ml - 100% Natural Origin

to promote: the Drain, the Depuration, the Intestinal Well-Being


Innovative Food Supplement created from the phytoterapeutical research of Natura House Laboratories, based on titled and standardized dry extracts of well-known medicinal plants for their draining and detoxifying properties.


In an agreeable Apple juice and Blackcurrent, enriched with extract of Acerola, naturally rich in Vitamin C.


Dandelion, Blackcurrent, Ortosiphon, Mouse-ear Hawkweed, Couch grass, Green Tea, Pineapple, Artichocke, Acerola, Tamarind and Apple.


Does not contain sugars (saccharine), colorign agents, alcohol and other sweetener added.



Shake before use; 10ml of Apdren in a liter of still water, to be drink during the day.

Treatments - 20 days


APDREN CELL CAPSULES, 60 cps x 350 mg - 100% Natural Origin

against the blemishes of the orange peel skin tyical of cellulite


Food supplement of plant extracts, useful to face the bemishes of cellulite in association with a hypocaloric diet and physical exercises.



Pineapple, Green Tea, Orthosiphon, Centella, Mouse-Ear Hawkweed, Blueberry, Apple, Vine, Pine.



2 capsules in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon with plenty of water.

Treatments - 20 days



The Treatment of New Generation to reshape the silhouette to oppose efficaciously the Localized Adiposities and the Orange Peel Skin Blemishes.


It’s action is given by the precious synergy of apple polyphenols and the SLIMBUSTER H, a precious multifunctional mix of vegetable extracts with integrated action coming from Amazonian rain forest, all has a lipolytic action.

A firm application favours the re-shaping of the body, giving back tone to the skin, thinning the silhouette and opposing the orange peel skin blemishes.

It’s high dermo-affine formula makes it rapidly and efficaciously absorbed by the skin for performance and sure results.



Apply with a vigorous round massage on abdomen, gluteus, hips and thighs till it is completely absorbed.

Once-Twice a day for 30 days.

The results noticeably increase with two months treatment.

The image of the product may not correspond to the product sent due to graphic restyling. The listed ingredients can be subject to improvements due to our R&D.

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