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Natural Cosmetics for your Beauty

Natura House produces natural cosmetics paying attention to the care of the body.
Starting from hair care products to foot treatments for the wellbeing of the feet, to the technical and functional lines for the treatment of skin troubles such as atopic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.

Natural Food Supplements

We formulate and produce a wide portfolio of Food Supplements that act to solve the daily life problems such as cholesterol, lack of vitamins and minerals, osteoporosis and much more.
Always with natural and vegetable ingredients.


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Highest Naturalness Possible

We only use the most precious Vegetable Oils such those extracted from Sweet Almonds, Macadamia, Jojoba, Linseed, Eglantine Rose, Argan, Olive, Sesame, Borage, Rosa Mosqueta and Shea butter.
The emulsifiers are derived from pure vegetable oils.
The Officinal Plant Extracts and Essential Oils are wisely selected for their purity and effectiveness.


We exclude synthetic active ingredients or “like-natural” ingredients: in other words, we exclude common ingredients used in cosmetics that camouflage harmful risks to health.

Effectiveness and Pleasantness

Nature “communicates” better with our skin. Our body is born to integrate itself perfectly with the natural environment that surrounds us. So, the Herbs, better than synthetic ingredients, provide us with the essential ingredients useful to take care of the skin and the body, because they are more easily assimilated, more compatible, more similar and therefore more effective.


The Heart of Nature

It deals with providing its customers with the best Natural and Organic products, putting a commitment to the production of a wide range of alternatives that cover all aspects of personal care and daily life.


Private Label Manufacturing

Our Quality is disposal for those Companies that are always looking for the best product for their own brand.
Full Service from Formulation / Design up to the Finished Product

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Product Quality

Natura House develops high quality products, rich in natural active ingredients, effective and safe.

Guarantee of a correct price

We have always invested in the development of quality products at the right price

A wide range of products

Since ever Natura House develops innovative and modern products.

Research and development

Every day Nature House researchers spend time researching new raw materials and combining them in safe formulas.

Quality service

48 years of experience worldwide. Knowledge, courtesy and effectiveness are the key words of our sales office.

Family business

Since the company was founded in 1970, the company has been managed by Spialtini, which now can boast 3 generations at the service of the partners.