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Pura Natura Psoristop

The Psoriasis is a degenerative disease of the skin.
And for this reason, as to be treated under medical control.

The Psoristop Line is an indispensable adjuvant in the treatments of this disease, because of the active principles which have a soothing action and because they reduce the production of new cells which are the cause of the several layers of cells on the skin.

Also the cleansing products have to be very delicate and specially developed for this type of skin, they have to be derma-affine in order to reduce inflammation as much as possible.

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To whom is dedicated

Specific line for whom has Psoriasis troubles and needs of special products to face the problem and to feel better with other people.

Why it is important (key point)

It has a soothing and restoring action on the skin, but also a delicate cleansing.
In fact, the Achilles’ heel of whom has Psoriasis is to find the right cleansing products, able to improve the skin status and do not grow it worse.


Mahonia vegetable extract from the Rocky Mountains, Waxes, emollient and nourishing Oils.


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Natura House develops high quality products, rich in natural active ingredients, effective and safe.

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We have always invested in the development of quality products at the right price

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Since ever Natura House develops innovative and modern products.

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Every day Nature House researchers spend time researching new raw materials and combining them in safe formulas.

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48 years of experience worldwide. Knowledge, courtesy and effectiveness are the key words of our sales office.

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Since the company was founded in 1970, the company has been managed by Spialtini, which now can boast 3 generations at the service of the partners.