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The most delicate intimate care, for the whole family.

A line of products with formulas of new generation with pH 4.0 and pH 5.5, which include only Vegetable origin surfactants with high dermo-affinity for a fresh and complete well-being sensation.

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To whom is dedicated

For the whole family.
A good personal hygiene to protect the integrity of the biological system of the intimate mucosa.

Why it is important (key point)

Natura House has developed a line for the Intimate care, using only Vegetable Extracts, very delicate Surfactants, Aromatic waters and Pure and Natural Essential Oils.

And the presence of Lactic Acid – fundamental component of the skin ecosystem – helps to protect and re-balance the pH of the skin and prevent bad smells.


Bulgarian Rose extract, Mimosa tenuiflora, distilled water of Witch Hazel and Fleu-de-lys, Oat, Essential Oils of Thyme and Clove, Bisabolol, Panthenol (Provitamin B5), vegetable Glycerin, Wheat proteins, Lactic Acid and high dermo compatible Vegetable Origin surfactant make unique this line of products with new generation formulations.


Products of the Line


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Specific Cosmetics and Supplements for Those Who want only the Best


Baby & Mamy

Cosmetics and Supplements for Pregnancy, New Mother, new born Babies and Kids.


Product Quality

Three Integrated Control Systems to leave nothing to chance.
From the harvest of the ingredients to the home of our Customers we are committed to give always our best.

Guarantee of a Correct Price

Always the Best Quality and Price Ratio to satisfy the greatest number of Customers.

A Wide Range of Products

Over 800 Products and thousands of Formulas always available for the Care and Well-Being of the Body at every stage of Life, from Newborn to Elderly.

Research and Development

Our Researchers look to the Future every day, looking for the best Raw Materials and finding the most effective combinations.

Quality Service

Over 50 years of Experience all over the World with the highest Quality Standards.
Knowledge, Seriousness, Courtesy and Effectiveness are the key words that characterize us.

Family Business

Since 1970, the 3 Generations of the Spialtini Family have operated with an Ancient Knowledge in the greatest Love and Respect for the Earth and for Those Who live there.