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Healthy legs

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The legs are foothold and privileged tool of the movement: preserve their well-being, is critical. Especially in summer, when high temperatures, stimulating the dilation of vessels, a number of factions deepen problems for months remained under track. Hence appear swollen, sense of fatigue, capillary fragility, soreness, and sometimes pain. Accomplice the hormonal, these disorders are more common in females, which is also the most sensitive to the aesthetic aspect of the problem. The limbs are generally subjected to more stress, not only in sports, but also in everyday life. Moreover, for the same reason, the lower joints have fewer degrees of freedom than upper limbs.

Among the resources made available by phytotherapy, we find horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), red vine (Vitis vinifera) and butcher's broom or Ruscus (Ruscu aculeatus): are plants that perform an action vasotonica, angioprotettiva and antiedemigena. While the ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) is an effective antioxidant and anti inflammatory, which improves the microcirculation and inhibit platelet aggregation. To get a good response from these natural remedies, you should use synergy for several months of tablets (1-2 per day) and creams or gels [SEE PEDYX REFRESHING LEGS GEL], be applied morning and evening with massages lenses from the bottom upwards.

Vitamin C supplements, preferably including flavonoids (quercetin, rutin, hesperidin), have a beneficial effect on the resistance of the venous walls.Choose at least 500 milligram tablets, taken throughout the summer. Great importance, as always, nutrition. Often worse combine foods rich in salt, which promotes water retention. Abundant with foods high in potassium, which facilitate diuresis, stimulates the Elimination of excess fluids. Strengthen and preserve the elasticity of veins all berries: blackberries, redcurrants, raspberries and especially blueberries. If then there disturbs the flavor, do not forget that garlic and onion. Thanks to the concentration of rutin, also help blood-thinning and to prevent the formation of blood clots. Physical activity is always a cost effective remedy against swollen legs and heavy. The poor circulation and venous stagnation are indeed children of two excesses: the sedentary life and too many hours spent standing. It is useful then to move at least 30 consecutive minutes per day, preferring activity aerobic (fast walking, running, swimming, biking, step). A good idea is also routinely take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you are forced to stand long, more or less, the advice is to stand up on their toes every now and then: the game between contraction and muscle relaxation helps the flow circulatory systems.




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Here you have 8 foods, easy to find, you always have in the fridge, at your fingertips, to prepare to the summer..

1. The cucumber to hydrate
The cucumber is excellent against dehydration: consists mostly of water (about 95%) and has a reduced energy intake, for this reason it is considered a great ally of those who need to cleanse the body and wants to follow a low-calorie diet. Its integration in the diet during the warmer months not only helps to lighten the body, but allows him to also receive vitamins (vitamin C), salt minerals (calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus) and important amino acids. The skin will be more elastic and immediately cool, deeply moisturized.
> You can eat fresh salads, but also in centrifuged fruit fresh or vegetables and fruit salads.

2. The Courgettes for tanning
The courgettes are low in salt, refreshing and easily digestible; rich source of minerals (potassium, iron, calcium and phosphorus) and vitamin A, vitamin C and carotenoids, the courgette promotes a perfect suntan and calm and relax the body. Vegetables not surprisingly, the courgette has a very low caloric value, composed for the 95% of water, which makes it particularly suitable in diets low calorie.
> If you think you can eat only cooked you wrong: an excellent recipe for marinated sees them, or cut into very thin slices, seasoned with a little Pink salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. In winter you can add grated seasoned cheese, excellent castelmagno for example, while in summer you can opt for a first salt or make of fresh rolls stuffed with ricotta and Mint.

3. Celery is antioxidant and purifying
Ally of intestine, brain, bones, skin, eyes, celery helps your body keep itself young. Contains potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, vitamin C, Vitamin K and, in smaller quantities, some B vitamins and vitamin e. Celery is composed of approximately 90% water; for this reason it is diuretic and depurative. The celery is obtained a precious essential oil with outstanding properties antioxidants; White ribbed celery is typically used raw, in salads, while the ribbed celery greens is suitable for cooking, for flavor. To fully benefit from all the minerals present you better consume fresh and raw.
> It combines well with many salads, for example here's a salad made with rimineralizzate celery and walnuts:
> 2 celery sticks,
> 2 carrots, novelle
> 300 grams of shelled walnuts,
> an Apple Pippin,
> salt, olive oil and pepper.

Procedure: cut the ribs into pieces of celery and Apple, carrots a la julienne, chop some kernels to leave others whole. Mix everything, season with salt, pepper and olive oil. Alternatively here is a very good diuretic spun: three carrots, a stalk of celery, Green Apple, half a slice watermelon.

4. The melon to refresh
Thanks to its properties, the melon is a fruit's refreshing, diuretic, refreshing; He also laxative. It is composed primarily of water, about 90%; as far as minerals and vitamins contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin B3. The high percentage of potassium present in its pulp has beneficial effects on the circulation and blood pressure. Here's the recipe for fantastic melon popsicle.

> 400 ml water
> 100 ml sucanat
> pound melon pulp
> fresh mint

Prepare the syrup with the water and the sucanat and allow to cool. Liquidize the pulp very mature melon along with a few Mint fresh. Pour the syrup into the melon pulp, mix well and put in moulds.

5. fishing for toning
Slightly laxative, diuretic and fishing (white or yellow) from the proven remineralizes hot, the tones and the refresh; It is also diuretic and detoxifier. Listed among the luscious fruit, is rich in water (85-90%) and contains simple sugars (12%), mainly fructose. Has a decent content of vitamin C and carotenoids, processed by the body into vitamin A, which improves the body's defences and fight skin ageing. Fishing can be eaten in salads, smoothies, but also original and fresh salads (try for example the combination fishing, Arugula and fresh mozzarella). Another variant is perfect for summer sorbet to fishing:

> 500 grams of  peaches
> 150 gr of sugar cane integral
> 200 ml

6. The carcadè against insomnia
The carcadè or Roselle, which is obtained from the flowers of hibiscus dried, more that a food is a beverage, but deserves to be mentioned because it is really perfect, even in combined with the fruit, to cope with the scorching heat of summer and the insomnia that entails. The drink is especially popular in Egypt where it is consumed cold hot; has strong astringent capabilities that help fight dehydration and thirst. Is anti-inflammatory, soothing, vitaminic (rich in vitamin C), also useful in chronic constipation.

Here's a great recipe:
> a spoon full of carcadè
> juice and slices of lemon bio
> a tablespoon of honey
> a spoonful of currant
> a spoonful of ripe raspberries
Preparation: boil some water in a saucepan, remove from heat and add the tablespoon of carcadè, allow to cool and add the tablespoon lemon juice bio and some slice, honey, black currant and ripe raspberries. Stir and allow to cool before sipping. The ideal evening for those suffering from insomnia due to the heat.

7. Yogurt and kefir to feed
The yogurt anyway consumed, whole, lean, compact, liquid is a rich food, light, Remineralising and beneficial for the body and the intestinal flora, often felt during the summer due to changes related to holidays. These benefits are evident even outside, as the skin looks healthier. Whole yogurt contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, a good percentage of calcium, vitamins, especially B group. Very satiating food, suitable in low calorie diets, favors the replacement of bile and balances the cholesterol and the central nervous system; a jar of 150 g of natural yoghurt provides a third of the recommended daily intake of calcium in Sun-90 100 kcal.

The kefir, a refreshing and healthy drink similar to yogurt, liquid rich in lactic acid bacteria and probiotics alive and benefits, from fresh taste, slightly but particularly pleasant acid, is considered an elixir of life and is particularly suitable for those who need energy or forces recover after a difficult period.

8. The Mint to disinfect
Digestive action, antiseptic and refreshing, mint, menthol, thanks also has soothing properties and disinfectants: is perfect for arricchirire foods, acquiring a fresher taste now, but even in drinks, quench and quench the effects of the summer heat. You can use it to perfume salads of Zucchini, salads of vegetables or cereals, omelets, fresh rolls of mozzarella and eggplant, or to enrich sauces (such as Peppermint Indian sauce and yogurt, very refreshing) and various seasonings.
> To prepare a refreshing drink most suitable quality is peppermint. Here is a recipe:
> Green tea (about 30 grams)
> fresh mint leaves (10-15 leaves)
> sucanat or honey

Preparation: prepare an infusion with green tea and fresh mint leaves, and sweeten as you like, with sucanat or honey, leave to cool in the fridge or at room temperature before consuming. With the dried leaves of mint you can prepare aromatic lemon drink, just connect them to the organic lemon zest, leave to infuse for a few minutes and finally sprinkle of fresh lemon juice, sweeten to taste. Avoid, however, consume Mint drinks during the evening hours: their stimulating effect could cause insomnia.



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Holiday weekend at the gates. How to prepare the perfect travel beauty case? Here are some practical tips to better organize your departure having everything you need with you for not giving up anything, occupying very little space, bringing with him the indispensable. A short trip takes two days off to rest both body and spirit. In this first case, the watchword is simplicity. Stay away for a few days, it is not necessary to empty the bathroom Cabinet. If you move in the car and don't have space the perfect solution is a beauty case. For the face just a good latte-toned two-in-one, cleansing wipes for eyes and a gentle and nourishing cream that you can use for hands and body. A compact air freshener and naturally toothbrush and toothpaste pocket format. If you have special needs, for a choice of product, oil or gel mask. Finally, for the first weekend of family vacation, here's our beauty ideal:

For him the extra brightness Arganic restructuring shampoo
For her, the shea butter pocket size
For new mothers, the firming Body lotion
For toddlers, the sweet moisture cream
For the whole family after the Sun, the dark chocolate body Butter olive Flower
To protect the lips, Aloestick with sunscreens
After the shower, at the end of the day, the body butter peach
Do you hear the holiday perfume? Have a good trip!



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Not only the weather, that alternates days of summer, to tornado with hail. To add moodiness, them, the hair. Rebels, never in their place, dull and frizzy. They don't want to learn to keep a shape. The change of season is certainly one of the main responsible, because it involves an alteration of our metabolism, hormone levels, with a substantial increase of stress levels in the body and more precarious situations for the health of the hair.

To record on the shape and health of our hair, are first of all climatic factors typical of high-season rainfall and humidity, that really put a strain on any attempt to seal.

Each curl, a whim. So it was once. Certainly, if we are talking about visible and defined curls. To give a sense to the rebellious hair, Grandma's remedies are a must.

Buy a handful of hop flowers, then bolliteli for 20 minutes in half a litre of water. Strain and add a tablespoon of grated SOAP or liquid model directly. use the mixture to wash my hair. The resins contained in hops will cover the hair of an invisible protective sheath, which will facilitate the accession of cuticles to capillary bark.

Buy sweet almond oil, a sprig of Sage and one of Rosemary and pour around the glass. Shake vigorously and let macerate for about twenty days in a cool, dry place. Filtering the mixture, you'll get a balm that will give shine and softness to your hair.

Buy two tablespoons of flax seeds and let them boil half a litre of water until you will notice that you are mushy. Cool the mixture to add the juice of half a lemon. Strain and pour it into a spray. To you sweet curly on vaporization and defined it! Keep the mixture in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.




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White teeth, strong nails,soft skin and lips: what they have in common? Beauty treatment based on lemon! 

When it comes to beauty often Grandma's remedies are the most functional of expensive beauty treatments. And if until now the lemon was only a little food loved by children because of its bitter flavor you really should never miss in your pantry for its beneficial properties. Don't believe it? Here are 10 ways to use lemon as beauty ally

1) Fights the blackheads. To try absolutely for sufferers of acne and blackheads: thanks to its antibacterial lemon purge your face and blackheads smaller pimples will disappear quickly and easy. All you need to do is squeeze lemon juice on your face and let it sit for a few minutes.

2) Makes the skin brighter. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid to lighten and brighten the skin if used consistently. For example, you can create your own home a beauty mask with a teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of powdered green chickpeas and add a few drops of rose water to create a creamy result at the right point. Leave on hair for ten minutes: when facial risciacquerete your skin will be soft and radiant.

3) Bleach your teeth. For a dazzling smile isn't the case of using chemical treatments: there are natural treatments, but lemon is the cheapest and easy remedy that hesitates. To have perfect teeth you can just mix one teaspoon of baking soda with lemon juice and apply it on the teeth with a cotton-swab. Then normally passes the toothbrush and rinse.

4) Exfoliates lips. If you want perfect lips and ready to make up, when you go to bed apply lemon juice on my lips, let it soak up the next morning and rinse your mouth with warm water. This will eliminate dead cells and your lips will be extremely soft. The only trick to be reckoned with is the presence of cuts: If you have chapped lips and cut, avoid applying lemon juice because the burning sensation might give you discomfort.

5) Strengthens the nails. If after rebuilding your nails are weakened, prepare a mixture with olive oil and lemon juice and soak your nails in. This preparation as well as make your nails stronger will also help eliminate yellow halos present that can be caused by smoking or by a glaze.

6) Ally in the diet. Did you know that if you match to a healthy and balanced diet, a glass of warm water in which dissolve a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice can help you lose weight? Bevila just raised each morning before breakfast.

7) Helps to eliminate the stains. If on the other hand illuminates the skin lightens the skin blemishes caused by age, by exposure to sunlight or by pregnancy. In these cases it is crucial the constancy to obtain a truly stunning result. Dilute a few drops of lemon juice to your facial moisturizer or hands depending on the body part where you need lemon action is more effective. Then apply the cream with a gentle massage and repeat the application every day to see the stain even out.

8) Soft hair. Did you apply lemon juice on your scalp helps fight dandruff and to make hair strong and healthy? Use lemon juice in case of dry hair and off: for a complete treatment moisturizing and illuminated combines lemon juice with olive oil; your hair will be soft and silky and recover the natural elasticity.

9) Reduces dark circles. Always looking for a remedy to cover dark circles but you haven't found? To alleviate dark circles and deflate the bags under the eyes you can rub on the eye area a cotton pad soaked in lemon juice. In the case of very large dark circles apply on eyes closed two lemon slices and let them posing for 20 minutes. Spent the time rinse your face with warm water.

10) Suppresses the skin clarity. Lemon juice is ideal for treating oily skin. Mix the lemon juice with a teaspoon of honey to get a sebum balancing effect and limit the lucidity of the face, especially in the T zone.


See our FOAMING CLEANSING GEL LIGHTENING EFFECT with lemon extracts and fruit acids



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The hair say a lot about us. They are the closest part to the thoughts. For Navajo Indians the hair represent the closest body part to thoughts. That is why it is important to take them long: means to have memory. But it's not just about traditions. Hair say much, a lot of the person to whom they belong. The connection between the character and the moods of a person and his head of hair, is strong and, more often than not, pretty obvious. There are gender differences. A woman in hair sees her femininity, a man strength, virility, but in both cases, losing them is a trauma. Your hair will require continuous attention to appear viable, shiny and healthy. And it's important to learn how to take care of. In nature there are plants whose extracts can be particularly useful and effective to restore optimum conditions the scalp and hair shaft, for a really healthy and vital. Every hair and scalp problems, needs a specific treatment that makes the active ingredients more correct and targeted.

ECO SHAMPOO line, eco friendly, integrates cutting-edge formulations that combine the best traditions of natural cosmetics, the effectiveness of Professional Haircare treatments. Their washing base, extremely delicate, high biodegradability, is compatible with the physiology of each hair type. Every shampoo formulations are strictly abundant narural origin, and does not contain SLS/SLES,PEG-PPG, silicones, PARABENS, MINERAL OILS, PARAFFIN and salt. Every shampoo is enriched with loving care, an exclusive protein complex of vegetal origin, which protects the hair from oxidative damage of stress, pollution and UV rays, restoring shine and softness and improving health. Eco friendly shampoo, because vials are made of PE, with a vegetable plastic friend of nature, which is derived from sugar cane, rather than from petroleum.


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