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Pura Natura Deodorants


A new generation of delicate deodorant treatments, which combine the Deodorant and purifying efficacy, and the moisturizing, lenitive and protective action of natural actives in order to care the skin also the most sensitive ones. The richness of natural extract together with vitamin E:
Mineral salts: naturally content in Nature, they act as natural antibacterial. Used in the deodorant formulations ensure pureness and efficacious protection against bad smell;
Aloe Vera: refreshing, moisturizing and lenitive actions; makes the deodorant ideal for skins prone to irritation and Sensitiveness;
Silk Proteins:  a real skin beauty treatment, which becomes soft, velvety and brilliant;
Vitamin E: antioxidant action, moisturizing and protective, strengths the skin barrier for a friendly deodorant action.

All the wealth of natural extracts, together with the action of vitamin E, for an enveloping sensation of freshness and well-being in complete safety, and respecting the skin, even the most sensitive.


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